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Пришло письмо от Миши, что сервер упал, что в качестве утешения один из тех, кто до сих пор не получил письмо, тоже поедет в Рим (на основании лотереи), и что сроки охоты будут расширены.

Hey guys,

The good new is we got everyone sorted into teams at around 1 AM, my time. The not-so good news is when we sent out the 6000 team-assigning emails, the servers crashed. We are simply too big for the Internet thingy.

The reason you're receiving this email is that Constant Contact apparently sends emails through massive bandwidth channels whereas I have created pneumatic tubes.

We are now resending the messages very carefully, treating each message as if it were a tiny, wounded, fledgling bird. Before sending each batch, we are whispering words of encouragement to the messages and saying silent prayers. Hopefully this gentle, coaxing approach will help them reach you. As a backup, I have also been on the phone with a carrier pigeon supplier this morning.

You will get your team assignment. The items list will be posted. As malicious as i can be, i have not been changing the start time just to wear you down, though i wouldn't put that past me.

By way of consolation, we have added another trip to Rome. The winning team will be taken to Rome and, if your team submits at least 5 items, your name will be put in a lottery to join the winning team.

Also, we will be extending the deadline for the Hunt because of the delay in starting.

Remain vigilant! We will prevail!

Your not-so-humble servant,


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